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Fishing Skills on ice

Follow these tips to keep safe when catching dinner out in the freezing cold.

You Will Need
Freezing cold weather
A fishing license
A towel
A bucket
Warm clothes
A float coat
Ice cleats
A spud bar
An auger
A scooper
A fishing pole with reel
Fishing line
A depth finder
A bobber
A lake with fish
Step 1 Contact the DNR
Contact the appropriate state agency to buy a fishing license and check for any ice warnings.
Step 2 Research fishing spots
Research popular fishing spots on the web or from people at local bait shops.
Step 3 Pack and dress for the weather
Pack all your fishing essentials and a towel in a bucket. Wear warm clothes, boots, gloves, and a float coat.
Dressing in multiple layers will keep you warmer.
Step 4 Walk with a spud bar
Walk onto the ice wearing ice cleats and using a spud bar to spear the ice as you go.
If the bar sticks in the ice, stop and back up slowly -- the ice is not secure.
Step 5 Drill a hole
Drill a hole with an auger and scoop out the ice.
Step 6 Measure the line
Let the line from the fishing pole loose into the water with a depth finder attached until it reaches the bottom of the lake. Reel the line up 2 to 3 feet and attach a bobber where the line hits the water.
Step 7 Attach hook and bait
Pull the line up and attach the hook and bait. Drop the line back into the water and you are now ice fishing.


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